The Singing Club is based in Monmouthshire and is made up of four open access community choirs. 

We meet and rehearse separately on different days of the week in Chepstow and Usk, but learn the same songs and come together for performances.

The Singing Club is for anyone who wants to sing…

  • No auditions
  • No experience necessary
  • You don’t have to be able to read music
  • You don’t have to sing on your own

Experience the joys of singing together…

The Singing Club is a very friendly, supportive and sociable group of people who have fun singing together. Very much a community singing club, everyone is made to feel very welcome and we look after each other. There is always a ‘chat break’ at half time

If you can talk you can sing…

We have an eclectic repertoire of classical, spirituals, folk, madrigals, show and ‘popular’ songs, singing mainly in two and three parts. As well as having a huge amount of fun, we work on developing vocal technique, breath control and improving our musicianship.

Singing is good for the mind, body and soul…

We do perform regularly and over the years we have raised thousands of pounds for local causes and charities. However, performing is definitely not compulsory or expected. The important thing is to enjoy singing together at the weekly sessions.

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Rehearsals – this page has details of fees, term dates, and location of weekly practice sessions.
FAQs more information especially for prospective members
Upcoming Events  – a list of upcoming public performances
Term Dates – jump straight to the dates of weekly rehearsal sessions
Fees – jump straight to current fees
For news and any last-minute changes to our programme visit the Singing Club Facebook Page

Click on the following link to YouTube to hear Singing Club at Usk Choral festival 2021 sing 'Rags to Ritz' by Irving Berlin. There are more snippets of us singing on our Listen to Singing Club page.
Examples of our current repertoire are listed on the Songs we Sing page. (To access the full words of the songs you need to be a current member of Singing Club).

Click on this link to YouTube to hear our member Ally read her poem about the Singing Club

Hear Usk Singing Club perform with singer song writer Tim Southern at Usk Mayor’s Spring Fling on Friday 22nd March 2024, raising in excess of £2,000 for St David’s Hospice:

The Chatelaines

The Chatelaines are a women’s chamber choir that started some years ago as a sister organisation to the Singing Club. They are fully independent but we have strong bonds of friendship and we are led by the same Musical Director, Jayne Thomas.

Follow these links:

More information about the Chatelaines
Upcoming Chatelaines performances
Chatelaines Facebook Page

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